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Arbitration and Litigation

Representation in Court of first instance:

Up to 5 court sessions:

from 50 000

For every additional court session :

10 000


Competent representation in court largely determines the outcome of the case, as a qualified lawyer with remarkable experience can collect maximum of information to develop a strategy and present it to the court in a proper way.

Any litigation is always a difficult and stressful process. And it is not always won by the one who is right.

Sometimes even a simple incompetence of your representative deprives you of chance to win the case. Therefore, it is very important at the stage of preparation for the trial to determine the range of evidence, to correctly formulate the subject of the claim and to find the correct legal justification of the claim.


We always assess the prospects of the dispute and will not recommend our client to participate in any legal proceedings, bear any related to it financial costs if the effectiveness or economic feasibility of such actions is close to zero.



Before appealing to the court, our specialists carry out a series of activities aimed at the subsequent effective protection of client’s violated or disputed rights in the arbitration court:

  • examining the situation and the documents provided by the client or studying the case materials;

  • analysis of the applicable regulations, official clarifications and existing court practice in order to formulate on their basis legal position;

  • collecting evidence to support the client and building an evidentiary foundation;

  • developing strategy and tactics of the particular dispute and behaviour;

  • solving pretrial issues including compliance with the claim order.

Our experts will help you at every stage of the trial, however, based on the experience, we always advise our clients to seek qualified support in the court of first instance, as only to this court one can provide all the necessary evidence and, if necessary, specify the claims.


Representation in the arbitration court demands high responsibility and expertise from the lawyers representing you.   

If there is even the slightest chance of a positive outcome of the case for the client, our experts will try to get a positive court decision.


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