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Enforcement Proceedings Management


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Quite often to win the case in the court does not mean to achieve a goal. Experts of the law firm Asphaleia know how to use the mechanisms to accelerate the execution of court decisions and help you achieve your goal.

Most people have encountered the situation when the court’s decision has come into force but the defendant is in no hurry to execute it...What’s next? How to exercise one’s right to execute the court’s decision? This stage is called “Enforcement proceedings”.


Enforcement proceedings is a legally established procedure of enforcement of:

  • court orders,

  • writs of execution,

  • settlement agreements, not executed by the debtor in a proper way.


We strongly recommend not to leave enforcement proceedings without control. Very often a bailiff only sends a notice to the party, which is obliged to fulfil certain requirements according to the court’s decisions.


Enforcement proceedings should not only be controlled. Since the bailiffs are ‘extremely busy’ you have to ‘actively assist’ them in executing the executive paper in order to sooner achieve a favourable outcome.


Specialists of our company will explain to you that providing an executive paper to the bailiff service is not the only way of execution enforcement and will help you to execute the court’s decisions. Enforcement proceedings within the decisions of arbitration court is that sphere of law which requires a large practical experience and timeliness of the actions.          

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